Monday, April 27, 2009

Moving Molecules

The Garden House has a partnership with two local farms. One, Brightmeadow Farm, supplies organic eggs and chickens raised like chickens were meant to be raised; the other, Orchard Falls Farm, supplies a variety of vegetables and flowers. I supply some equipment (mostly Kermit, a small John Deere Tractor) to both farms as needed; in return I earn access to the rich rewards of fresh food and working outside. Today found me moving special molecules: thousands of worms embedded in about a ton of aged horse manure. Kermit loaded the manure into the pickup; elbow grease unloaded the worms at Orchard Falls Farm. Later in the summer this partnership (the manure, the worms, Kermit, the farms, the sun, water, soil, seeds, loving attention, air, bacteria, birds, Nature, and hundreds of other players, most too small to see) will offer tomatoes, eggs, chickens, 6 kinds of basil, 7 kinds of broccoli, lilies of every color, peonies, beans, strawberries and more; some will find their way to local restaurants, like the Doe Bay Cafe, Cafe Olga and Chimayo's, and some will find their way straight to the table. Know your farmer; know your farm; know your food.

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  1. Words to live by, Joe. We have moved our family in the same direction over the course of a year. I'd love to have a real garden, but for the time being will be very thankful to have herbs growing out on the porch, a few pots of lettuces out back, and a row on loan down at my parents' house for a few other veggies for our table. I'm having fun making my own yogurt, granola, and "from-scratch" fresh organic meals for my family. We got rid of our microwave and prepare food the way it's meant to be prepared: with thought and thankfulness! Our lovely meal of leek and asparagus chowder with fresh bread seems worlds away from the traffic jam 1/4 mile down the road at the grand opening of the latest Sonic fast food place tonight. Such a shame....they don't know what they're missing!