Saturday, June 2, 2012

Warm home, Warm heart

I'm a year late in getting the firewood ready. Too many alligators. Two of the three bins in the woodshed are filled; this load is headed for the 3rd bin. Each bin holds one and a half cords. Depending on the winter, I could easily use all three bins. Firewood for the Garden House comes from the same place, Orchard Falls Farm, about a half mile down the road. Heat supplied by firewood is carbon neutral, penetratingly welcome on wet chilly days, and requires zero technology to operate. (Technology is really really helpful in moving wood from its form as a tree to its placement inside the stove; a half gallon of gasoline might, translated thru a chain saw, tractor, wood splitter and pickup truck, easily make a month's worth of warmth.) Blessings to the billions of interconnected players (soil, sun, water, ideas, people, warehouses, machines, DNA, gravity, ...) that allow this bounty to manifest here.