Monday, May 7, 2012

Hole digging 101

If you have found this blog through the Garden House on Orcas web site, you may have found that website via, the umbrella site for a variety of activities going on at the east end of Orcas Island run by the international headquarters of the Doe Bay Triangle, aka me. Across the street (remember this is rural) is the Orchard Falls Farm, maintained by a fairy goddess who joy is creating garden abundance. She would describe herself as an herbalist: the garden (besides vegetables and flowers and raspberries and blueberries) raises calendula flowers, arnica and comfrey for their medicinal properties. The garden was recently expanded to allow for some fruit trees to get protection from the deer. That means a larger fence. That means new fence poles and, more importantly, fence corners. Fence corners must be gnarly to handle the tension of the fence, which means big posts, which means big holes in the ground. A sweet friend donated some old telephone poles cut to length; he also loaned a tractor-mounted post hole auger. Sadly, the 8" auger is just too small for the telephone poles. Another friend loaned us his 12" auger, which we mostly installed today. Turns out the 1/2" bolts from the original mama bear auger were too short for the papa bear auger, requiring a trip to the hardware store. While there, the 5 gallon yellow plastic fuel tanks will be filled with biodiesel to keep Kermit the tractor moving sustainably (smells like french fries). Garden House guests are welcome to walk over to the farm (10 minutes) and, if the goddesses are smiling, procure some bounty.