Friday, May 22, 2009


Rudy, now about 9 years old, arrived as a puppy in February from the Lewis County Animal Shelter. No one really knew his pedigree; by now we've pretty much accepted him as mostly Swiss Mountain Dog (closeto, but distinct from, a Bernese Mtn dog). He loves people, as does his sidekick, Tillie the cat (variously called Attilla the Hun, Tillster, Tillmeister), whose way of expressing her affection at being petted is to drool. You will very likely be greeted by one or both of these animals, each claiming SADD (serious affection deprivation disorder) and gesturing (sometimes rather suggestively) that you Love Them Eternally. It will take virtually no prompting on your part for them to assume an open Garden House (or sometimes car) door means they are invited inside, regardless of what (obviously ineffective) instructions they have had to the contrary. You will likely regret that you left some food item on the picnic table while Rudy is anywhere with a mile when you return from a "quick run" back into the Garden House to retrieve something (salt, fork, whatever). Rudy assumes guide duties when you head for the water, patiently showing you the way and waiting for you to catch up, then, as noted in the guest entry and the photo above, serenely joining you in silence at the water's edge.